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There is something invisible in all the games invented by the Haywire Group. To most, this secret component is undetectable and except for experts in the field of child development and those who study how young brains grow, this essential element would remain a mystery to many.

The fact is that The Haywire Group has embedded their philosophy into every one of their games. The inside scoop is that Haywire believes that kids learn best through exploratory games and play. This belief is best represented in the statement that proclaims…

“We have games that exercise your brain and your body.”—The Haywire Group

The National Lekotek Center, a seasoned resource on the benefits of toys and play, believes the Haywire line of games offers kids a playful way to learn and aligns with the three major learning styles—visual, auditory and kinesthetic.

Individual approach, talents and interests all come into play when kids are learning. Diverse learning accommodates preferred learning styles and provides an equal opportunity for all children to comprehend. Games contain visual appeal for kids who prefer to take in information through sight. Kids who have an auditory preference listen and learn as the game progresses; and kids who learn kinesthetically benefit from the movement and tactile engagement of game play.

According to Ahren Hoffman, Manager of Industry Relations and Partnerships at the National Lekotek Center, “Haywire games are a way for kids to take in information through their senses and preferred learning styles. Lessons are locked in while kids get lost in the fun.”

Researchers are leading the way to get more play into educational environments. Kathy Hirsh-Pasek and her colleagues in The Mandate for Playful Learning stress that learning occurs through play and argue that a play-based early childhood program can support the same skills valued in programs taking a more direct instructional approach, not to mention the fact that children love the fun factor.

Enlightened educators are using games as a way to teach--while kids think they are being rewarded with play time! The Haywire Group is helping teachers be more playful and make learning more fun.

As Barbara Fisher, President of The Haywire Group states, “We build the educational value into our games as a hidden ingredient, a way to fuel academics and promote young brains, bodies and the social skills our kids need to reach their highest potential. Improving the lives of kids is what really drives us.”

Education and play can co-exist and both can be stronger because of it. The fact that it is invisible to the children who play Haywire games is actually what makes it so magical.




Number Ninjas integrates well into primary classroom curricula as a small group activity. Like all Haywire Group games, Number Ninjas allows players at various skill levels to play simultaneously encouraging healthy competition. Reading and comprehension skills along with math skills like problem solving, spatial reasoning and addition, subtraction and multiplication competencies are utilized and promoted during game play. For more educational information and the AblePlay rating click here.

Word Pirates

Word Pirates integrates well into primary classroom curricula as a small group activity. Like all Haywire Group games, Word Pirates allows players of various skill levels to play simultaneously. Teachers can provide lists of high frequency sight words/spelling words or students can reference the classroom “word wall” during play. The variance in game play as well as the option to create one’s own original game board ensures that no two games are alike helps keeps kids on task. For more educational information and the AblePlay rating click here

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