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Published:  January 18, 2016

Mommy Blogger Reviews

Worry Eaters
Author:  Jason Sheehan 

We would like to take a moment to thank all of the Mommy Bloggers who wrote fantastic reviews about the Worry Eaters so far! Below you will find some of the best quotes from each of the write-ups.  If you missed any of them please click on the link after the quote to view the entire review. 

Worry Eaters Group

Baltimore's Child -“Into the fray come the Worry Eaters, soft, cuddly, adorable plush dolls with zippers for mouths. Write the child's worry on a piece of paper, or let the child draw a picture of his or her worry.’’ – “While you may think your children are too old or too young to plan for their worries, they will happen at times when you least expect it, so for those of you who like to be prepared, plan to include Worry Eaters.”

Mommy Katie - “This allows for kids to put their concerns and worries out there, but in a way that is not so intimidating and in a way to where it helps to take those worries off their minds before going to bed at night.”

Forbes - “The skill practiced here is that of naming a fear and expressing the desire to be free from it.”

Thrifty Mom’s Reviews – “I must say, something I thought was “just a stuffed toy” has made a big difference in the peace in my house. Now that he (Flint Large Worry Eater) has been here a few weeks, we don’t seem to have worries to feed him on a nightly basis.”

Kathy’s Savings – “Whatever their fears may be, Worry Eaters are here to help them out with all their fear. With the Worry Eaters you are able to have your child feed them their fears. They can write down what fears they have on a piece of paper and feed it in to the Worry Eaters zippered mouth. If they’re to young to write, they can draw a photo too. Worry Eaters will hold on to that fear for them, so they can get a good night’s sleep.”

 Play Eat Grow - “It’s a safe way for kids to express their worries, especially if they have a hard time talking about them.”

Cool Pick Mommy- “I was happy to discover the new Worry Eaters dolls, whose purpose is to help kids address and handle stress and other concerns with friendly support.”

Our Kids – “There are several ways worry eaters can help kids.”

Baby Dash - “Worried about starting a new grade or facing bullies at school? Have a military parent or difficulties at home? Feed it to your Worry Eaters!”

What’s That Smell – “But now we have a new solution to help alleviate bedtime fears. We have a Worry Eater!”

The Stuff of Success – “Every day our kids deal with many situations that they really are not equipped to handle and they become fearful. So by having your child write down what they are worried about you are better able to talk to them about what is worrying them.”

Being MVP - “I would recommend this product to other parents because I think it trains children to deal with their emotions in a productive way.”

Mail4rosey – “Getting kiddos to open up and explain to you what they might be worried about can sometimes prove to be a challenge. One way to open the door is this great new line of adorable plush Worry Eaters.”

Frosted Events - “Whatever worry or fear your child is dealing with, these little guys are here to eat them up and ease the stress. Whether it’s a visit to the dentist, a fear of the dark or maybe a first day of school or a new class, the Worry Eaters are here to help.”

FSM Blogs - “Once they zipper the mouth closed the Worry Eater will hold onto the worry for them so they can relax and get a good night’s sleep.”

Mommy 5 Blessings - “The outcome of casting his fear in Enno’s zippered mouth is that it gives this little boy a sense of peace.”

Mom Fab Fun –“It was adorable to see her believing in the magic behind Polli and her ability to eliminate worries.”

Omg Goodies - “Now she can write about and draw pictures of her worries for Polli to eat, and I can read them to determine the best way to help her feel better.”

Mama Cheaps - “The concept is so simple and yet so brilliant for helping children cope with a fear or worry or anxiety.”

Trendy Mommies – “If you have a child who is anxious about school (or tends to worry in general) take a look at this product.”//

We Know Stuff – “No matter what their worry may be, there is a Worry Eater that is just perfect for them.”

What’s Up For Kids – “The soft cuddly Worry Eater is there to help cope with worries and handle them in a shared, safe manner.”

Ahh-Mazing Review – “By writing down their concern – or drawing an illustration of it – and handing it off to a cute character to worry about instead, it starts to make that concern a little less … concerning.”

Hello Wonderful – “The concept is simple - by placing their worries inside Worry Eaters, children are encouraged to talk about their feelings and feel less alone in carrying their burdens.”

Daily Mail – “The idea behind the Sorgenfresser Worry Eater, created in Germany, is that children write down or draw a picture of what’s upsetting them and put it into the toy’s mouth, which is then zipped shut — banishing their worries.”

Mommy by Nature - “With a zippered mouth he can keep your worries safe. Available in both a small size which is 9″ (perfect for kids) or a larger size 14″, which I think is exceptional for adults, you can get a variety of characters.” -

All Mommy Want – “Luckily there is a sweet, soft toy available right now that helps her and other little concerned kiddos – Worry Eaters! Not only are they helpful to your little worrier, they are soft and cuddly, perfect for snuggling.”

The Mommy Nest – “These little Worry Eaters are red hot and for good reason. They are cute, eat all your worries and they are a ton of fun to play with. Kids love them!”

Mommy’s Block Party - “A child can write or draw their worries and fears and feed them to their Worry Eater. The cuddly plush Worry Eaters offers the child an opportunity to express themselves and their worries, and offers parents an opportunity to learn about their child's worries in a safe and playful way.”

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